Carlos’ Story - My civilian employer is Imperial College London.

Civilian job title and then reservist rank/role

I am a Professor of Theoretical Physics in the Physics Department of Imperial College. My reservist role is Troop Commander, Commando Company, Royal Marines Reserves City of London. My rank is Lieutenant.

Why did you join the Reserves?

I have served over 14 years in total, all within the RMR. I originally joined during my university studies as I had always been interested in a military career. However, as my interest in academic research grew, I decided to remain a Reservist. The Royal Marines were attractive to me as I was interested in infantry soldiering, the challenge that was posed by the commando course, and the rich history.

Highlight how the reservist role benefits your civilian job and company

Although my military and civilian roles are very different there is much that my military training has done to benefit my civilian career. My experience as both a non-commissioned, and now commissioned officer has had a fundamental impact on how I manage both people and effort in my teaching and research roles.

What roles has the reservist taken to assist in a recent Mobilisation tasking?

I have been mobilised to work in the intelligence cell at Standing Joint Command which is the HQ running the military support to the covid emergency. As part of this role, I help interpret the latest scientific guidance related to covid and analyse the latest data to help military estimates and planning. The work has been very interesting and I am very happy that my civilian skills have been useful to support the military in carrying out such an important role in aid of civilian authority.

How has the civilian employer supported the reservist?

Imperial College has been very supportive, particularly in light of the fact that my departure compounded the impacts of covid on the summer exam season. In general, Imperial College, has a generous leave policy for volunteer reservists which has allowed me to fully exploit all roles I have taken in the RMR.

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