"I have served over 14 years in total, all within the RMR. I originally joined during my university studies as I had always been interested in a military career. Imperial College has been very supportive, particularly in light of the fact that my departure compounded the impacts of Covid on the summer exam season."

"Being a cadet is extremely important for me because of all of the valuable skills I can acquire as well as being able to make new friends!"

Corporal Wong, aged 16

"Twenty years ago, I met my husband. Like most young couples embarking on a life together, we weren’t thinking at that stage about what the future and a possible marriage would mean for our day-to-day lives. Jon was 4 years into his career in the Royal Navy based in Plymouth, whilst I lived and worked in the South East. This is when I became a military spouse."

"I love working with other services, and often in a multinational environment.  Being a reservist has given me access to top-level sports events e.g. a sailing expedition to Croatia and frequent attendance at the RN Winter Sports Championships where I represented my unit and the RNR."

"One of my proudest moments is being appointed as the Lord-Lieutenants cadet for London and more recently being awarded the ATC 75 sword!"

Mariam Mohsin, aged 17

"As a former cadet myself, I was extremely aware of how beneficial being a cadet can be, particularly for those who are eager to learn but struggle in a typical classroom-based learning environment."

Oli McDonough, aged N/A

"My reservist role involves leadership, strategic planning, and dealing with unplanned events. The skills I have gained both at home and overseas allow me to step back, review a situation and make decisions even under pressure."

Anthony McGrath, aged N/A

"Capco have been a fantastic employer and could not have been more supportive of my deployment.  The normal mobilisation of Reservists is 28 days, however Capco received 3 days for my mobilisation for Op RESCRIPT. Everyone in the firm ensured that I was supported in handing over my client and project work. "