Estates team

Ongoing Projects

The Estates department provides a complete maintenance and management service for almost 180+ properties across Greater London. These properties are at the heart of reservist and cadet activity and it is crucial that they are kept in good condition.

Ongoing Projects

Stuart Sams

Head of Estates

[email protected] | 02073844651

Bryan D’Costa

Surveyor Central

[email protected] | 02073844649

Fábio Jordão

Surveyor West

[email protected] | 07860558893

Keith Wallaker

Surveyor East

[email protected] | 07841151096

Joshua Boyadjian

Estates Compliance Officer

[email protected] | 07552776486

Kristina Marinova

Estates Facilities Officer

[email protected] | 02073844675

Daniel Stephenson

Estates Compliance Assistant

[email protected]| 02073844648

Nicola Mandy

Estates Finance

[email protected]

Paige Sanders

Estates AO

[email protected] | 02073844648

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